Michigan Fire Inspector’s Society is the premier code organization in the State of Michigan. With almost 600 members, we represent the wide interest of Michigan’s Fire Inspectors. The organization utilizes multiple committees to assist our membership and the public safety in Michigan. These committees include our membership serving to provide updated rules or monitor code changes.

MFIS works to educate our members on current trends and practices at our yearly conferences which include the fall educational seminar and winter educational conference.  Join today and see what MFIS can do for you!


  • To exchange ideas in the field of fire prevention, education, and suppression.
  • To encourage cooperation of state and local agencies in solving Michigan’s fire problem.
  • To assist in formulating educational seminars for the Michigan Fire Inspectors Society.


  • MFIS will participate in 100% and support all meetings and events of the Michigan BFS Community Risk Reduction Task Force.
  • By 2019 develop a pool of subject matter experts to work in conjunction with all 83 counties in Michigan to support Risk Reduction Modules within the FF1 and FF2 curriculum.
  • In 2018, attend legislative meetings, nationwide conferences, and committees to promote and increase the quality of education to MFIS membership.